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Global Lawyers

287 Block # 2

Lawyers Chamber,

Delhi High Court

New Delhi, INDIA

CELL (0091) 9810153965

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Global Lawyers is recognized as one the Indias' most-active law firms in terms of patent filing and protection.  Intellectual Property, IP Law & Business.

Our lawyers represent clients in patent disputes involving a wide variety of complex technologies, including biotechnology processes and products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, business systems and methods, computer systems and software, consumer products, chemical processes and products, electronic instruments, manufacturing processes and equipment, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, security and monitoring equipment, telecommunications equipment, and water treatment and purification systems, to name a few.

Clients rely on the specific knowledge of Global Lawyers' registered patent attorneys and agents to obtain patentability opinions, prepare and file India patent applications in all subject matters and disciplines, and render validity and infringement opinions. We also coordinate with our international networks of law firms to secure and maintain patent protection throughout the world. Our Intellectual Property attorneys thoroughly grasp the science and technology behind each client's ideas. All of the firm's patent lawyers and agents have science or engineering backgrounds and most have real world experience in their respective disciplines, including:

  • Advanced materials

  • Biochemistry Biotechnology

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA)

  • Small molecule chemistry

  • Combinatorial chemistry

  • Formulations

  • Organic chemistry/synthetic pathways

  • Medical and mechanical devices

  • Building materials

  • Computer software and hardware

  • Electronics

  • Nuclear engineering

  • Nanotechnology

When our IP attorneys enter a courtroom, they are adept at explaining complex technical issues in a straightforward manner and presenting our client's story to the judge and jurors in the most compelling way possible. We handle patent litigation for large and small corporations as well as individual inventors and start-up enterprises.

Among the industries in which Global Lawyers has significant experience, a number of lawyers focus their practices on the complexities involved in bringing pharmaceuticals to market, handling regulatory issues with the Food and Drug Administration and abbreviated new drug applications for clients based in the Indian and around the world.

Another area in which Global Lawyers lawyers have unique capabilities is government contracting issues and federal IP requirements. The firm's lawyers counsel defense contractors, software and high-tech companies and others regarding government contract issues and procurement claims.

In general, we help our clients in multiple industries understand how to maximize the value of patents and we appreciate the importance of carefully managing and implementing patent portfolios for the benefit of their businesses. We offer our clients technology solutions for real-time patent docket management. Also, our IP Practice Group has substantial experience in the domestic and international licensing and transfer of all forms of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.