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Lawyers Chamber,

Delhi High Court

New Delhi, INDIA

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Our Approach

The firm’s sole objective and area of prime focus towards its clients is to provide them cordial atmosphere and to make them feel comfortable after reviewing their legal issues or problems involved. In other words providing relief to the Client is sole objective of Global Lawyers. For individual clients we are always there to sail them out during rough times on account of legal troubles similarly for corporate we are always there to help them to achieve their business objectives.

All Lawyers of the firm are trained to be effective communicators which facilitate them to interact with clients. English being the common language is primarily the source of communication in our offices. We use plain English in our documentation as well in verbal communications which is effective in Indian Judicial System. We try to give very practical and effective advice to the clients instead of inundating clients with legal reasoning. We explain the client the legal complications and the law by very simple means.

After ensuring that the client understands any risk and consequences involved our team measures those risks and legal issues and work with the client to achieve the objectives with our proposed practical solutions. 

We believe in the team work and it’s our strength. We only provide the specialized skill and knowledge to the clients with an ability to deal with emerging legal issues. For ensuring a healthy lawyer-client relationship which works effectively and efficiently we make sure that before undertaking any matter we explain –

  • Your legal issues involved.
  • Our exact services required for the same.
  • The simple method of communication as a clear source of instruction.
  • Our expectations regarding your in house team and outside advisors.

It is the firm’s policy to depute a senior lawyer who is well versed, experienced and having expertise in the same field where client seeks relief along with a team of associates. The senior lawyer in charge of the team is responsible for co-coordinating and monitoring the work of the team and ensuring that all requirements of the clients are addressed efficiently, effectively and in a well reasonable time.

To ensure high percentage of success we regularly conduct in house debates on latest decided Supreme Court cases on all laws, subscribed to all regulatory and statutory notifications, video conferencing between various offices.

We provide valuable services on cost effective basis, our professional charges are always justified in terms of our services. When we initiate dialogue with our client we make sure to provide them with an estimate of our professional charges either on hourly basis or at fixed rates. Our professional charges varies from case to case basis i.e. for corporate work its based on time schedule and for litigation its based on appearances.