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Education Law

Global Lawyers has represented numerous universities, colleges, postsecondary schools, public school districts, private schools and other groups and businesses dedicated to education. The firm provides a broad range of legal services in the areas of student relations, personnel matters, litigation, corporate law, financing, deferred giving, insurance law, estates and taxation, constitutional law, real estate, construction and environmental law and intellectual property. Our lawyers understand the unique needs of academic institutions and are able to provide legal counsel in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Because the needs of educational institutions are diverse, lawyers in the firm practicing in different disciplines work together to represent client interests.

Universities and Colleges
Global Lawyers attorneys have a long history representing  universities, state universities, technology institutes, law schools, medical schools, business schools, small colleges, community colleges and other institutions of higher learning.

Postsecondary Schools, Colleges and Vocational Schools
Global Lawyers includes attorneys who have dedicated most of their careers to the legal needs of private postsecondary schools and colleges, vocational and trade schools. A partner in the firm serves as general counsel to both state-wide and national associations of postsecondary and vocational schools.

Public School Districts and Private Schools
Our lawyers have provided a broad range of services to public school districts and private schools, including on operational issues and other management concerns, as well as matters involving student relations and discipline.

Student Relations. Our lawyers have advised universities, colleges, schools and school groups in a variety of student-related matters. We have provided counsel in numerous disciplinary matters and have addressed the legality of accessing students' records and searching students' dormitory rooms. Our lawyers have also reviewed and suggested revisions to student handbooks. We have consulted on potential liability associated with alcohol on campus and have developed policies on alcohol and controlled substances. In addition, we have provided advice on student health issues, including infectious diseases and issues relating to the provision of emergency psychiatric care.

Personnel Matters. The firm has advised many educational institutions in matters relating to faculty issues including program elimination, tenuring and other policies. The firm has represented many educational institutions in numerous, diverse personnel matters. Our work has involved all areas of state and federal regulation of the employment relationship, including employment discrimination, personnel policies, faculty and staff grievance and equal opportunity procedures, employment contracts, wage and hour, occupational safety and health , union-organization attempts, collective bargaining and unlawful picketing.

Our lawyers have assisted several schools in compliance with state and federal equal employment and affirmative action requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have successfully defended colleges in resolving and litigating discrimination claims, including claims of sexual harassment and race, sex and age discrimination. We have also represented educational institutions in issues of student sexual harassment, retaliation, discipline and other issues. Similarly, we have provided extensive counseling on wage payment and overtime issues. We have advised schools in their dealings with unions attempting to organize employees, faculty and staff. In those cases where unions already represent employees, we have negotiated labor contracts on behalf of the institutions. We advise institutions concerning construction projects on campus, including obtaining preliminary injunctions of unlawful picketing.

Many legal problems can be avoided and the risk of litigation reduced by implementing sound personnel policies and practices. Consequently, we emphasize our role as counselors in reviewing employment documents (such as employment applications and manuals, faculty, staff and student handbooks, and policies, job descriptions, evaluation forms, proposals relating to alternatives to tenure and the like) and auditing employment practices (such as hiring, discipline, grievance adjusting and accommodating the disabled). We not only seek to ensure our clients' compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but we attempt to maintain our clients' flexibility in managing their operations as they think best while reducing the likelihood of protracted disputes with employees, unions and government agencies.

Litigation and Insurance. Our lawyers have represented educational institutions in a variety of litigation, including defense of actions by terminated professors and personal injury matters. We have frequently advised colleges, universities, schools and school groups on their insurance needs and have represented numerous institutions in claims arising under general liability and other insurance coverage's. We have also represented an academic institution in actions within the ambit of its self-insurance program. We have advised a number of institutions on matters relating to municipal challenges to their tax-exempt status and have successfully resolved a number of such challenges.

Corporate Law. In representing academic institutions, the firm has handled a variety of general corporate matters including revising corporate charters and bylaws, assisting in the recomposition of boards of trustees, providing advice on corporate governance and business strategies, and consulting on general contractual matters. Our lawyers have also advised academic institutions on mergers and other affiliations and on the sale of securities, as well as permissible uses of restricted funds and other assets.

Financing. The firm has advised educational institutions on financing matters including conventional bank loans. As bond counsel, we have rendered opinions on the issuance and sale of bonds, assisted in the financing and structuring of bond issues and prepared enabling legislation and constitutional amendments. Our lawyers have supervised bond issuance proceedings and prepared documentation related to the authorization, issuance, sale and delivery of bonds. We have assisted issuers and others in preparing disclosure documents and have obtained approvals, rulings and exemptions from governmental authorities.

Our lawyers have counseled academic institutions on the applicability of federal and state securities laws, the eligibility of bonds for investment by various fiduciaries and other regulated investors, the status of bonds and related obligations under creditors' rights laws, and the enforceability of security agreements, indentures and other documents related to bonds and their security. We have also assisted in presenting information to bond rating organizations and bond insurers.

Deferred Giving, Estates and Taxation. Global Lawyers has advised educational institutions, nonprofits and charities with respect to charitable contributions received either directly or in the form of various types of deferred giving. Our lawyers have consulted on such complex deferred giving matters as charitable remainder unitrusts and annuity trusts, gift annuities and other donative concepts.

The firm has also advised educational institutions and other charities with respect to their entitlement to bequests and other distributions from estates. This typically has involved reviewing documents and communicating with counsel for those estates.

In addition, our lawyers have counseled educational institutions and other charitable organizations with respect to federal income tax matters under the Internal Revenue Code, including tax-exempt status and the unrelated business income tax and issues particularly related to colleges and universities. We have also counseled academic institutions with respect to various state laws exempting certain charities from income and other taxes and pending legislation.

Real Estate, Construction and Environmental Law. Global Lawyers has advised academic institutions on the ownership and operation of real estate holdings and has provided representation in real estate development activities. Our lawyers have assisted clients in transferring, acquiring and leasing real estate, obtained zoning and land use approvals, and negotiated and prepared architect and contractor agreements. We have negotiated and documented financing arrangements for college projects and have represented academic institutions in real estate tax exemption hearings. The firm has also advised educational institutions concerning compliance with environmental laws and regulations and has litigated environmental cases in federal and state courts.

Intellectual Property. Global Lawyers' intellectual property practice is based on the premise that intellectual assets, including property protected by patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, are of extraordinary value to our clients. The firm's practice in this area is extensive and includes advising individual and corporate clients regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, providing comprehensive opinions, assisting in license negotiations, and procuring proprietary rights in all forms of intellectual property. The firm represents several universities with major research programs in all areas of technology. We have assisted educational institutions in commercializing their technology.